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We have been serving customers’ needs in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado since the area’s mining days over 135 years ago. We have been a family owned and operated business since 1885 and the current owners are only the sixth family to own the business. We have stayed in business continually for over 135 years because we have always changed to serve and meet the needs of the communities we serve. Our business philosophy has always been to clearly understand the customer’s needs, find quality products that meet those needs and develop superior product and project knowledge apply those products to the customer’s needs. We follow this with superior service from the time of first contact, through the customer’s decision and evaluation process and continuing to follow the project all the way through to successful installation.

The markets we serve desire products that will assist them in building a better home for their clients. Architects, Engineers, contractors and homeowners all want homes that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, that are more energy efficient, lower their carbon footprint and help them achieve a net zero home. Furthermore, our customers want to build a home that has a more pleasant interior living environment in every room, has higher protection from fire and is more storm resistant. Finally, our contractors want to be able to construct this home in a more efficient and expedited way. NUDURA is the best product in the marketplace to achieve these objectives.

Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) have been in use for over 40 years, and NUDURA ICFs are the best available in the market. Our team has worked with NUDURA products for over 15 years. ICFs are a superior alternative to the traditional building methods and materials commonly in use today. Traditional home construction relies on wood framing material to erect the envelope of the house. NUDURA ICFs will eliminate the wood products and therefore cut less trees. Although they are priced higher than traditional residential construction, they make the builder’s job easier and more efficient, and the homeowner gets a structure that is pre-insulated, well protected from fire and wind, and incredibly energy efficient.

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Nudura has been producing industry-leading Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) since 2001, and today Nudura is the preferred building method in the ICF industry. ICFs provide an energy-efficient alternative to traditional building methods and materials.

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