As a family owned and operated business since 1885, We have been serving customers’ needs in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado since the area’s mining days over 135 years ago. The current owners are only the sixth family to own the business. We owe our success to our willingness and ability to change. Our business philosophy has always been to clearly understand the customer’s needs, provide quality products and, through superior project knowledge, apply those products to meet our customers’ needs. We provide superior service from first contact, through the customers’ evaluation and decision process, and follow through to successful completion of the project.

The markets we serve demand products that will help them build environmentally friendly structures with high energy efficiency, using sustainable materials and methods, all while simplifying and expediting the building process and reducing labor costs. Furthermore, our customers demand higher performance in terms of disaster resilience, with maximum protection from fire and high winds. NUDURA is the best product in the marketplace to achieve these objectives.

Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) have been in use for over 40 years. NUDURA has been producing industry leading ICFs since 2001 and is the preferred building method in the ICF industry today. Our team has worked with NUDURA products for over 15 years. ICFs are a superior alternative to the traditional building methods and materials in common use today. NUDURA ICFs eliminate the wood products traditionally used to construct the ‘core’ of a structure and, therefore, reduce deforestation. Although the initial materials cost is more than traditional construction, ICF’s make the builder’s job easier and more efficient, while the customer gets a structure that is pre-insulated, well protected from fire and damaging wind, and incredibly energy efficient.