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Nudura’s ICF Series and its accessories are suitable for any building project. Using Nudura ICFs makes your building process more efficient while offering long-term benefits in energy savings and sustainability. All Nudura Forms have our innovative DURAFOLD, DURAMAX, DURALOK Technology®, and a 4-Way Reversible system giving you a form that can’t be matched.  

product 2DURALOK Technology®

Triple tooth interlocking system with continuous full height fastening strips that eliminates the need to glue or wire forms, resulting in reduced labor costs, and more accurate wall heights through reduced shrinkage. Duralok Technology® makes Nudura the strongest in the industry. 

Triple tooth interlock 2 x 12 top and bottom = 48 interlocks


Patented foam interlock eliminates left and right corners and fitting of “Puzzle Pieces”. Universal fit works “Up”, “Down”, “Left”, or “Right”, speeding up installation and reducing product waste.  

mini lineDURAFOLD

Patented hinged web technology allows forms to fold and ship flat, allowing for 40% more product on a truck compared to other ICF brands. Once on-site, simply unfold and stack to build your structure.  

mini lineDURAMAX

The largest standard form on the market is 18” x 96” (457mm (about 1.5 ft) x 2,438mm). Creates 60% fewer joints in the wall compared to other systems. Allows placement of 12 ft2 (1.11m2) of wall area with one block. 

mini lineOptimizer

The Optimizer is used as a height adjuster at the top of the wall; it allows installers to hit 17 different stack heights from 4’ (1200 mm) to 12’ (3600 mm). The forms are available in Nudura’s standard core sizes of 6” (150 mm) to 12” (300 mm), giving users the freedom to use the Optimizer on any size job from commercial to residential. 

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The One Series combines traditional forming methods with Insulated Concrete Form technology to provide a finished concrete surface free of foam on one side. The innovative design leaves only two small connection points per web that are easily covered over and hidden for a smooth concrete surface on either the interior or exterior wall.  

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Nudura innovation is exemplified in the Integrated Series, with solutions in support of environmental issues, reducing energy consumption, and saving our environmental resources. 

mini lineHYDROFOAM®

A high-density expanded polystyrene, integrated with a radiant heat solution for faster installation that provides an R-10 insulation value. 

Click HERE to see the Hydrofoam Radiant Heat Insulation Video


THERMOFOAM features a unique interlocking design that provides easier installation and airtightness. Available in three different foam densities to meet the many different requirements for all types of construction and available in the following thicknesses:  

  • 1-1/4” (32mm)
  • 1-7/8” (48mm)
  • 2-1/2” (64mm)


An economical, high-performance insulation for retro-fitting uninsulated walls, floors, and ceilings. 

Click HERE to see the HOMEGA Basement Walls & Ceiling Insulation Video

The Plus Series line of forms and inserts gives alternatives to design professionals and builders who want to add more insulation to the standard line of Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms. 

Nudura Plus Forms

The Nudura Plus Forms are available in four sizes; 1” (25mm), 2” (50mm), 4” (100mm), and 6” (150mm), offering R-Values as high as R-48. The Plus Forms are laminated with the desired amount of insulation with an EPS approved adhesive, ensuring the lamination is secure for all building applications. Nudura can customize the Plus Series of forms for customers needing even higher R-Values. 

Size - 1” R-Value = 28

Size - 2” R-Value = 32

Size - 3” R-Value = 40

Size - 4” R-Value = 48

R-Value Plus Inserts

R-Value Plus inserts integrate into any Nudura Form unit for increased R-Values, while at the same time not interfering with the unique technological characteristics of Nudura Forms. The inserts are available in 3 standard sizes: 2" (50mm), 4" (100mm) and 6" (150mm) and all 3 sizes are 32" (812mm) high. R-Value Plus inserts a slide into one side of a Nudura Form Unit. Nudura’s unique dovetail system securely holds the inserts in place during the construction process. 

Nudura XR35

XR35 has a higher R-Value due to its 4” (102mm) EPS panels. It is available with a 6” (150mm) and 8” (203mm) core as a standard form and as a 90° corner form.  

Alignment System

The Nudura Wall Alignment System was designed to ensure the forming system has support during concrete placement, while also providing a safe working platform for the installer during the insulated concrete form construction process. It is a versatile, multi-configuration system to work for most projects. As with any scaffold system, safety must always be monitored on the project. The installer needs to be aware of and understand all safety codes and regulations for spacing, planking, and safety rails. 


Nudura has a complete line of accessories to use with ICF to simplify and expedite completion of your project with professional results. The video and information sheet links below are sure to answer many questions about how to complete your project. Be sure to download the Product Catalogue from the menu under “Products” to see all the available accessories.  


ICF Hanger System

T-Form Support Brackets

Transition Bracket


Brick Ties Cast-In-Place

Vertical Joint Clip

Rebar Clip

Form Lock

Transition Bracket


Fiber Tape

Heavy Duty Tape

Foam Gun, Low Expansion Foam, Foam Gun Cleaner


Membrane Primer

Fiber Mesh

Bit Kit

Waterproof Membrane

4-Way Web Connector

Easy Buck

Parging Mix

Hex Head Screw w/Washer

Rebar Bender-Cutter