As an authorized distributor of NUDURA products, the company aims to promote the use of ICFs by educating homeowners and construction professionals on the numerous benefits of this preferred building material.  


Building your home with Nudura ICFs means you will have a safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly structure that will last for decades. Why should homeowners consider asking for ICF construction in their home?

dividerSafety, Security & Sustainability

ICF walls are strong and solid. They will withstand more than 200mph winds by default. Strong reinforced concrete delivers safety in high-seismic zones, in coastal areas, performs well in flooding, carries a 4-hour fire rating, and creates a home that is resistant to most anything Mother Nature can think of. Additionally, ICFs are a green product from start to finish, so you can feel good about building an eco-friendly home.

home in construction

gray lineComfort & Warmth

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Nudura ICF homes don’t suffer from drafts and cold spots common to conventional construction. This is just one more way ICFs keep you and your family comfortable. Conventionally framed structures tend to leak and suffer from outside air infiltration, allowing dust, dirt, pollen, and more to enter the home. Air infiltration from the exterior does not occur with an ICF built home. 

  • Durable Material: Thick concrete core sandwiched between insulated EPS foam panels.
  • Cost Efficiency: Up to 60% reduction in heating and cooling costs compared to conventional homes.

gray lineEfficient Building

When you choose to use ICF walls, your builders are really completing 6 steps at once. Walls are formed, already insulated, and come with integrated air and vapor barriers. They're ready for exterior finishes on the outside and for electrical service on the inside. Walls do not require “furring out” and are ready for the direct application of drywall or other wall finishes. This efficient construction process not only saves time and expense but also contributes to green construction.

  • Long-lasting: Durable EPS foam in ICF blocks does not degrade or decay over time.
  • Sustainable Choice: Environmentally sustainable choice with enduring insulation value.
home in construction
Builders and Developers

As technology progresses and provides the construction industry with new methods and materials, builders and developers must adapt their processes. When held against traditional construction, ICF construction has clear advantages. Why should builders and developers use Nudura ICFs in their projects? 

gray lineFast and Easy Installation

Lightweight ICFs can be quickly and easily installed with less time and fewer workers. In fact, in many cases, ICFs can be installed by a single worker. Nudura ICFs meet or exceed all energy codes and, due to the EPS foam, the walls do not need to be insulated after construction. ICFs can potentially save a week or more of time on a residential structure, and significantly more in large commercial applications.

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gray line 2Lower Building Costs

A modern building under construction, featuring stone cladding and areas wrapped in insulation, with scaffolding and construction equipment in the foreground.

Because installation is so much easier and faster than traditional wood framing, building with ICFs reduces labor and other expenses. ICFs take up less space than traditional building materials at the job site and allow you to get your projects completed in record time. 

gray line 3Year-Round Construction

Building with Nudura ICFs allows you to stretch your building season and secure more business by offering year-round construction to your clients. Unlike some other building materials, ICFs can be used in any kind of weather and even in below-freezing temperatures. 

An aerial shot of an old industrial rooftop scattered with debris, machinery, and signs of wear, captured during the low light of dawn or dusk, highlighting the abandonment of the area.
Architects and Engineers

Not only are Nudura ICFs sustainable and long lasting, but their flexible design capabilities also offer architects and engineers the ability to create unique structures. What benefits do ICFs offer to architects and engineers?  

gray lineCustomized Capabilities

Nudura ICFs come in interlocking blocks that can be custom cut into any shape or radius. Whatever designs you conceive of you can create them with ICFs. ICF walls are tough – they come in widths and heights suitable for both single stories and multi-story projects with tall, retaining, or load-bearing walls.   

A construction site with exposed steel reinforcements on a multilevel structure, next to a partially built house with a plywood roof.

gray lineTough Structures

A panoramic view of a construction site with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for foundational walls, under a clear sky with a mountainous backdrop.

Nudura ICFs create a sturdy barrier capable of withstanding powerful winds and pressure differentials. Reinforced with steel bars or mesh, the concrete core offers remarkable strength, enabling the system to support significant vertical loads. 

gray lineDesign Possibilities

Because a wide range of finishing materials can be applied directly to the interior or exterior of ICF walls, the design possibilities are endless. Whether your project involves an exterior of wood, stone, stucco, or any other material, you do not have to limit your creative vision to use ICFs.  

A house under construction with a second-story wooden frame over a first-floor structure insulated with foam boards.