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why icf

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) offer numerous benefits for both builders and homeowners alike. From green building to disaster resilience, ICF homes stand a cut above traditionally constructed homes. Below, our experts will tell you exactly why ICF should be your top choice of building material.

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A thick concrete core inside your walls provides extreme strength and durability, all sandwiched between thick insulated panels of EPS foam. This material will last for lifetimes, performing to keep your home stable, comfortable and energy-efficient. ICF forms will reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home by up to 58% compared to a similar conventionally framed home.

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Comfort Indoors

Insulated concrete walls protect you from heat and cold, noise, pollution, and Mother Nature herself. This keeps what’s outside where it belongs, leaving you comfortable, quiet and secure no matter the threat.

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Peace & Quiet

By the numbers ICFs have a high STC rating which means shouting outside the walls cannot be heard. In every-day life, noisy neighbors, busy streets, trains, planes, and other annoyances stop at the walls – letting you enjoy your home in peace.

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Disaster Resilience

The core of ICF walls is reinforced concrete. This provides extremely strong walls to support almost any concept or design and will withstand more than 200mph winds, impacts from debris, and other challenges life may throw at your home.

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Solid, Strong Walls

ICF walls are solid, air-tight concrete. Monolithic walls are all poured at once and is one solid piece. Combined with the EPS foam insulation and the embedded insulated plastic studs, there’s no need for this house to breathe to eliminate moisture and let in dust, dirt and allergens.

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4 Hour Fire Rating

NUDURA ICF walls are flame resistant and provide a four-hour fire rating which compares to a 20-minute rating for conventionally framed structures. This factor alone will help reduce your homeowner’s insurance costs as well as giving you and your family peace of mind.

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Green Construction

ICFs are a green product. Once the bead is produced it is expanded using steam in special molds to create the different shapes and sizes of ICF blocks. When installed, filled with concrete and finished inside and out, the EPS foam will not degrade or decay. It doesn’t compact or lose its insulation value and will keep insulating for hundreds of years.

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Lowest Waste Product

ICFs especially are designed with a 1” repeating interlock pattern, so during the ICF construction, the least necessary is cut off. This creates less waste and makes it easier to recycle the scrap. Any portion of ICFs with at least 1 web, can be filled into a part of a wall, further reducing waste.